Suffering From Hair Loss? Here’s How To Treat It

hair loss

Hair Loss: Prevention is better than cure


Your hair is an expression of your youth, your style, your self-image and confidence. Everyone desires luscious, rich hair. But the truth is that almost 70% of today’s youth is suffering from some degree of hair loss.

Why does it happen?
While the tendency for the youth hair loss is hereditary, there are many aggravating factors like dandruff, nutritional deficiencies and lifestyle.
Here’s what can be done to prevent it :

Feed your hair right

hair loss
Take 4 almonds and 3 walnuts daily. Add colour to your diet – eg. pomegranates, berries, tomatoes and green vegetables. Improve the protein intake – eg. paneer, soya, grilled fish and chana. Reduce the intake of refined carbohydrates (like maida, rice, sugar), saturated fats (like in fried food items, butter) and processed foods (like aerated soft drinks, ketchups and canned foods).

Treat all deficiencies

hair loss

Check and correct vitamin D and B12 deficiency. Go for hair nutrient supplements containing Biotin, Amino acids and minerals.

Right hair and scalp care

hair loss

Treat dandruff at the earliest and take preventive anti-dandruff shampoos regularly. Leave them for 5-10 mins on scalp for best results. Opt for scalp rejuvenating treatments – they go a long way in keeping your hair roots healthy and strong.

Hair Health promoting Treatments

hair loss

Start EARLY – especially if you have a genetic tendency or have already started noticing early signs of hair loss. Timely treatments like Biogenesis can revive and regrow your natural hair as they stimulate hair growth factors and also keep your hair healthy for long.

Change your pillow

hair loss

If you are using a cotton pillow then replace it with a silk one. As the cotton pillow affects the texture of your hair where as a silk pillow has a cooling effect which keeps your hair from sweating thus reduces hairfall.

So remember these tips and flaunt your crowning glory. What’s more, your hair will thank you for it.

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