Debunking the healthy food myth

Healthy Foods

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Over the last few years, people have become health conscious and are doing anything to look and feel healthy. From going to the gym and working out to eating healthy food, people have started following these trends like crazy. There are a lot of people who in order to become healthy have started consuming the so called healthy food. Many of them, although, they are eating healthy food, are not seeing the results. One of the major reasons why this is happening is that most of the healthy foods are not healthy at all.

Here we bring you a list of foods that are not healthy at all

Frozen Yogurt: Even though frozen yogurt is low in calories, there is no way that it is healthier than the regular ice-cream.  Frozen Yogurt companies tend to add sugar and artificial sweeteners, colours and chemically processed ingredients to give it a good flavour. Usually, people have their frozen yogurt with toppings such as caramel sauce, brownies and chocolate chips, which adds to a lot of calories. So in the end you might end up consuming more calories than a real ice-cream.

Non-fattening peanut butter:  It is better to have the regular peanut butter than to have a non-fattening peanut butter. Manufacturers add a lot of sugar and chemicals into non-fattening peanut butter in order to compensate for the loss of flavour and texture. And as a non-fattening peanut butter can be eaten more, there are chances that you end up consuming more calories.

Granola: People might be surprised to know that the granola is one the unhealthiest healthy food. Although, it has a lot of nutrients in the form of oats, nuts and seeds, it also has huge amounts of sugar and refined oils. If you are not careful about the portion size, then you can add up calories real quick. 1 cup of granola contains about 470 calories.

Healthy Foods

Multigrain Bread: A lot of people consider that multigrain bread is healthy because it has a variety of grains in it. The problem is that these grains are refined, because of which they lose their nutritional value. So there is basically no point eating multigrain bread if the nutrients are missing. Make sure to look for bleached or unbleached wheat flour on the ingredients table as they indicate the presence of refined flour.

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