Detoxify This Summer!



Follow these few tips to detoxify!

With spring about to arrive, a number of people go want detoxify. The reason being that during winters there is less sunlight due to which the indoor air quality also decreases. Winter months also lead to less physical activity. Detoxifying helps you to get back to your optimum energy.  It is a known fact that after detoxification a person’s energy levels are the highest.

If you plan to detox yourself for the spring, here are a few tips and detox food which will get you started.

Drink water: You should always start your detox, by drinking more amount of water. Remember, a human body is made of 70% of water, hence it is really important consume a lot of water daily, around 8-10 glasses daily should be enough. Drinking water helps you to flush out all the toxins in the body that have accumulated during the winters.

Cut Down: Cut down on alcohol and drinks such as coffee, tea and colas because they contain caffeine. Caffeine tends to dehydrate the body, which is harmful.

Consume vegetable and fruits: One of the best ways to detoxify is by consuming vegetables and fruits. Try and avoid artificial juices, as it decreases the chances of sugar-hits and also helps you to sustain the energy levels.

Avoid meat and dairy products: People tend to consume more meat and dairy products during the winters hence, it is important to cut down meat and dairy products. Stomach produces a lot of acids to digest meat. This puts a lot of strain on the kidneys, which is extremely harmful.

Smaller and simple meals: Simple and smaller meals are much easier to digest, provided that they are eaten at regular intervals throughout the day. Simple and smaller meals are easy on the digestive system and also help to balance out blood-sugar levels. Unstable blood and sugar levels lead to weight gain and mood swings. Even the energy levels fluctuate.

Lemon and warm water: Every morning before you have your breakfast, always have warm water with fresh lemon. It will increase the quality of your digestive system.

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