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How To Choose Men’s Business Shoes


What completes a man is not his suit but his shoes. This is a lesson a man learns when he starts going for interviews or to attend business meetings. Till that point, you might not think about shoes as something which can make or break a deal. Whether you are in an office or in a meeting or at a black-tie event, your shoes are as important as your outfit. Given below are a few tips which will help you choose the right shoe for the occasion.


Men’s business shoes


The primary rule of wearing shoes with suits is that they should be made of leather; both in the vamp/upper part of the shoe surrounding your foot and on the sole. If you want to save a little money then you can also go in for a synthetic sole. When it comes to options, there is no dearth. Lace-up shoes are the most common men’s business shoes and are considered more formal.  They are ideal for interviews and client meetings. If you are not a lace person then you can also choose dress shoes without laces which are commonly known as loafers. They are made of fine leather and look great with suits.


Formal leather shoes


These shoes are usually worn with tuxedos since the choice of shoes is limited. When wearing a tuxedo you would want to avoid wearing shoes which have a lot of stitching; hence a lace-up formal shoe is a perfect choice. These shoes are usually glossy in appearance and are made of leather.


Casual business shoes


What if you have an informal meeting with your client? You probably have shoes for every formal occasion, but what happens when the meetings go outside the four walls? If you are putting on casual pants, denims or shorts, then your wingtips are definitely going to stick out like a sore thumb (especially with the shorts). What you need is something more subtle. You can wear men’s casual shoes such as boat shoes or loafers. If you are planning to wear sandals or flip-flops, remember that they look good only on the beach and at home. Never wear them for a meeting, even if it is an informal one.


Tips to take care of your formal shoes

Store them with cedar shoetrees to help draw out moisture and maintain their shape.

Use a shoe horn to slip on your shoes rather than jamming your foot into it.

Polish your shoes regularly to keep them looking clean and new. Polishing your shoes regularly means that you care for your professional appearance and pay attention to details.

Alternate a couple pairs during the week so that you don’t wear them out. Even if it means you own two or three identical pairs, wear a different pair every day to prolong their lifespan.



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Rajiv Sethi is an expert in the field of footwear – being the owner of the famous Vanson Shoes – and having been one of the pioneers of this industry for over 30 years. His passion and expertise in shoes extends from design and style to materials and maintainence. Established in 1960, Vanson Shoes is one of the oldest and most trusted brands of shoes in India.


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