A variety of shoe colours to choose from


Colour of the shoe

When people choose a pair of shoe for themselves or others, one of the first things that they look into is the colour of the shoe. The colour of the shoe is really important to a lot of people. Of course, there are other things that determine the choice of shoe. What is the function of the shoe, whether it is a sport shoe or a formal shoe, a lot of times the colour of the shoe depends on and the use of the shoe and who is going to wear it, or the kind of shoe it is. For example a sports shoe will usually be brightly coloured, or will have a combination of a bright and a dark colour.

Similarly, the colour of the shoe will also depend on who is wearing the shoe. Babies and younger children have shoes that are brightly coloured. The more traditional shoes have dark traditional colours such as black and brown. These shoes are also usually formal shoes.  On the other hand, the colours which are bright and attractive are used on shoes that are less formal. For example, pink, red, blue, fluorescent, yellow and orange are used on those shoes that are less formal, such as sneakers. These types of shoes are generally worn by the youth. It is also noticed that shoes such as skates also use bright colours.

The recent trends as far as women shoes are concerned is that; there are more colours to choose from. Although, there has been a trend that the colour of the shoes and the handbags should match each other, but lately things have changed. Now women prefer that the colour of the bag and the shoes should be different.


What has remained the same the fact that the colour for men is still the same? Men still prefer their formal shoes to be either of black or brown colours. But the younger generation is not afraid to experiment and is going for formal shoes that are bright, for example, yellow and red formal shoes are the in the thing for the youth today.

These days there is a variety of shoes and colours to choose from, it can get confusing. The best way to go about doing things is to match the colour of your shoes according to the dress and the occasion.  For daily wear neutral colours are a good choice, meanwhile for parties and less informal outings, you can wear something more colourful.

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