Journey of NIFT Delhi’s Fashion Team

Unique thread work blouse with long blu skirt and mosaic print and polka dot ‘cage’ overlay

Giving sense to fashion

NIFT Delhi’s Fashion Team was formed in 2013. The team consists of students from various departments of the institution. Their first show in BITS Pilani’s Oasis’13 gave a whole new meaning towards fashion and styling in the college festivals. Since its applauded win, the team has participated in numerous festivals and events all over the country. With top positions from BITS Pilani, IIT Kanpur , IIT Delhi, Nokia Indiafest and BITS Goa amongst various others, the team has created an aura of sparkle around it.

NIFT Delhi

Ivory tube-style evening gown with gold and blue embroidery Turquoise blue cut-out dress with snake print fringing

NIFT Delhi’s outfits are more than fashion trends and a derivation of existing garments methodologies; they are creations.  Each cloth holds a story with gradients of a specified theme. The form, structure, colour palette and texture hold bigger stands for NIFT’s students than fashion trends. Most of the garments are Avant Garde, hence form a unique visual appeal on stage.  Each garment, accessory and footwear on display are a culmination of the creative hands of the NIFTians in their glamourised casserole of redefined fashion.


Turquoise blue cut-out dress with snake print fringing

The members of the team being fashion students have always tried to redefine fashion by twisting the rules. Be it the choreography or the styling, the members have aimed for perfection each time the ramp gave way for them. The principle behind NIFT’s choreography has always been ‘emphasize the garment’s beauty’. Having a beatboxer amidst them, the team has always had an edge with live beat boxing as their music mix for most of their shows.

Central Theme of Collection
In my chariot of golden testimonies, I see an image of the proud allegations of my virtue as a human being. Centuries have past, dwelling with the memories of my glowing arrival, yet I drag another era quilted with my dreams.

NIFT Delhi

blue peplum-style embroidereddress with metallic floral ‘cage’ skirt

‘From craving the importance of life and its justified acceptance, from cherishing tender passion to illuminating ancient womanhood, from lustrous ego to a blinking transparency – each of these self-designed, hand stitched garments are NIFTians sprinkle into the ozone of womanhood. The collections display the various blends of a woman’s life’s ordeals and the successive story of greatness of being a woman. NIFT’s garments have always focused on women’s power and their glittered glory in the world.


Asymmetrical high-low tribal dress with matching arm accessories and headgear Blue peplum-style embroidered dress with metallic floral ‘cage’ skirt

From rainbow furnaces to jeweled structures of faith, NIFT Delhi Fashion Team aims to create a fashion empire of a destination pumped with grace, elegance and magnificence in this tranquilized world today.

NIFT Delhi

Front slit skirt with matching crop top and fur hood

We don’t design fashion, we are fashion. – NIFT Delhi fashion Team.

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