Tattoo, a long term commitment with high maintenance

Essential Tips to Tattoo Aftercare-How to care for your new tattoo

 Getting a tattoo is an amazing feeling and apart from the pain involved during the entire procedure, things can take a wrong move if that beautifully done tattoo is not maintained well. Even a slight negligence and carelessness can wreck a strikingly intriguing body art and turn into a disaster.


Some people eventually fall into the trap of boasting about their fresh design to their equally excited friends. If you are one of them, then allow your masterpiece to heal itself by following these steps:


Follow this regime for 2-3 times a day for 3 days.

  1. Once the tattoo is complete and you have left the parlor, resist the temptation to open the plastic wrapped on your tattoo
  2. After removing the cling wrap (after 2 hours minimum), wash your tattoo gently with the help of your hands with a mild, fragrance & alcohol free soap or hand wash. DO NOT USE A LOOFAH to remove excess blood, ointment and ink
    3. After washing the tattoo, pat it dry with a tissue paper. DO NOT RUB IT and DO NOT USE A TOWEL
    4. For moisturizing, apply only a thin layer of Nivea cream, it should just be enough to make the tattoo shine (your tattoo should be visible and the extra cream should be wiped off gently)
    5. Cover the tattoo with cling wrap again

6.Take bath with cling wrap on the tattoo as contact with direct stream of water may adversely affect the tattoo

7.After the 3rd day regime, just apply Nivea cream in every 2 hours for two weeks and you’ll observe that your               tattoo is glossy.

Never touch your new tattoo with dirty hands, fingernails etc. Do not wear tight fitted clothes. Don’t go gymming or swimming for 2 weeks (depending upon the healing of the tattoo). Don’t expose your tattoo to direct sunlight. After the healing process is over you can wear a sun-block.

Instructions may vary from artist to artist; but here the guidelines are basic and for general care.

Healing time varies with each individual and the area that was tattooed. With proper care, you can expect the tattoo to heal within 2-3 weeks.

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