Pujara provides free coaching to local students

Cheteshwar Pujara isn’t your average cricketer


He does not want beachside condos or chrome tinted Ferraris, The goals of this man are more far reaching. He wants to nurture talent using what he made from his talent. Thinking like that is an achievement in itself.

With humble origins, Pujara isn’t one for grandiose. His idea of grand is fulfilling his father’s dream. A dream that makes him provides adequate resources for making players out of one pump chumps.
He has invested in 6 acres of land for training students with athletic potential. It is 5 kilometres from the Saurashtra cricket stadium.  Pujara belonged to their team.

They are providing coaching free of any charges, They pick up the young guns and drop them. Take care of their gear and food. They make sure that all the worry our young guns have on their mind is of being a better player.

Kudos to both father and son for stepping up for the country!

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