The Walking Dead Season 6, Episode 2 review

The Walking Dead

Deanna too weak to take care of the Alexandrians

The Walking Dead is back again and in the second episode there is more gore than ever, but this gore is not due to the Zombie vs Human battle, but due to Human vs Human battle. Yes, you heard that right. The wolves have attacked Alexandria and there aren’t many defenders to defend Alexandria. Reason being, Rick and his best fighters have gone to take care of the walkers in the quarry.

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At the start of this episode we see the Alexandrian go on with their daily lives, worrying about things that do not matter much in the present scenario. They are weak and are hardly unable to defend themselves.

Attack of the Wolves

There is a bloodbath as the wolves have attacked Alexandria. They are tossing firebombs over the wall and killing (chopping) Alexandrians who are unable to defend themselves. They are weak.

In this episode, we come to know a lot about the characters. Carol is her usual. When the attack begins she acts quickly, almost instinctively. She disguises herself as one of the wolves and doesn’t waste her time killing people.

Morgan is a changed man. When the wolves attack, his philosophy of “Every Life Matters” is put to the test when he tries to subdue them. But he realises that wolves need to be put down, one cannot talk them out of stopping their way of life.

Enid the quiet survivor

Enid might be the new character in the series. She is a quiet teenager but is pretty strong. She also feels that the Alexandrians are a weak lot and that when the time comes they will be unable to defend themselves. Having lost her parents, she is on her own before she arrives in Alexandria. She used to eat raw turtles, sleep in cars and write the letters ‘JSS’ everywhere which happens to be the acronym for ‘Just Survive Somehow’.

Deanna not a strong leader

When Deanna was introduced in Season 5 of the series, it seemed that she would be a strong leader and will go to lengths in order to do what is right. When the attack begins and all hell has been broken loose Deanna and her son are clearly not up to the challenge. They neither help when the wolves attack nor protect the people attack. This was a major disappointment as being the ‘first family’ of Alexandria they were expected to help and protect those under them. In the end, everything was left to Rick and his group. They seem to be a peculiar lot, as they refused to adapt to the changes that took place in the world and the society after the zombie apocalypse.

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