If you think Indian jams are bad, have a look at this one traffic jam in Beijing

traffic jam

 Stuck in a Jam!

Motorists were stranded in a massive traffic jam for up to five days in a 50 lane highway. As many as 400 police officers were called in to keep the motorists in check while cars were gridlocked on the Beijing -Hong Kong – Macau Expressway. Drivers were returning to Beijing from a holiday.

If insanity had a limit, it doesn’t anymore. This is simply unbelievable

Beijing commuters are nothing short of daredevils. When commuters hit the road with a hangover still fresh from their National Day celebrations – all hell broke loose. Why? Beijing’s main highway, G4 Beijing – Hong Kong – Macau Expressway, was chock – a – block, like this:

The massive 50 – lane –wide expanse of concrete completely transformed into a parallel Lego –universe:

People’s Daily reported the jam to be a consequence of a newly erected checkpoint, which led to the traffic compressing into a 20 –lane –wide commute:

An estimated 750 million commuters were on the move between October 1st and 7th. It was but natural for the traffic to stretch till the world’s end, with people stuck in time and space.

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So before you complain about the traffic situation in India, have a look at these photographs above.


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