Game of thrones is Back

Game of Thrones is back! With the winds of winter and a dream of spring, Season 7 is here!

With scenes shot in Iceland and anticipation building around the mysteries yet to be unfolded, Season 7 is eagerly awaited and has been since the time Season 6 ended.

Be it the emotionally gripping demise of an influential character or the much-awaited revelation of magical powers of another intriguing character, the entire TV series is extremely engaging.

Game of thrones Season 7 Live stream

Game of thrones Season 7 Live stream


Violent ending of lives is a definite trademark of GOT and you will get to see everything from beheading, stabbing, poisoning, sword fighting, mercy killing, characters burning alive, decapitation, animal attacks, throat slits, impaling, skull crushing, bludgeoning, shooting arrows, strangling, hangings, execution, poisoning with kiss, head smashing, mauling, suicide, tearing apart, to even killing and taking humans into pies.

Talking about the series of wars one after another, GOT sees War of Kings, Robert’s Rebellion, The Long Night, Greyjoy Rebellion, War of conquest, Dance of the Dragons, War of the Ninepenny Kings, Andal invasion, Faith Militant uprising, Blackfyre Rebellion, Liberation of Slaver’s Bay, Conflict Beyond the Wall, Reyne Rebellion, Forrester-Whitehill Conflict, Wars of the First Men and the Children of the Forest, Century of Blood, Fall of the Night’s King, Thousand Years War, Black Friday, Vulture Hunt, Nymeria’s War, Conquest of Drone, First Dornish War, Battle of Long Lake, Gorne and Grendel’s War… That’s a lot of wars, isn’t it?

Season 6 left viewers intrigued with questions left unanswered, prophecies waiting to be fulfilled, awaited kill-lists and mysteries of future broken house alliances.

Who will take the ‘Iron Throne’ might not be revealed just yet though and this might create a stir but Season 7 might cast a large shadow. You might not get to choose what you see but this season will lead to the same castle.

So don’t concern yourself with the opinions of sheep and be patient, as the fantasy-thriller shall come to an end only after Season 8.

In 2010, this epic TV series began a game of thrones and then made its way through the struggles during the clash of kings that created a storm of swords.

The crows have had their feast and the dragons have been danced with but now everything shall change with the winds of the winter. A dream of spring shall invoke new hope.

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