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Game of thrones Season 7 Live stream

What do people look for in a TV series? You name it and Game of Thrones has it. 

Be it drama, romance, fantasy, action or fiction, Game of Thrones will never fail to impress. It has that thriller quality, which is very gravitating, without comprising on the comic element.
From time to time you’re reminded that adventure, crime, violence and horror are not being ignored. A person can probably write a thesis on ‘Ways to Kill’ after watching Game of Thrones.

What else do you need? However, there is more…
The plot placing is amazing and so is the unconventional story telling, daring many a times, while doing justice to the books.

The mystery is maintained throughout all the episodes, thanks to the unpredictable storyline and anticlimactic endings. And incorporating politics makes it all the more intellectual and intriguing.

Coming to the characters, well they are well rounded indeed and this is one TV series with some really strong female characters to look forward to.
The quotes and dialogues are witty yet inspiring, no doubt everyone is obsessed about it.
Talking about the technicalities, due to Game of Thrones’ commendable IMDb rating, great editing and amazing production, in one word it is ‘Unstoppable’.

That’s probably one of the reasons, why viewers are desperately waiting for Game of Thrones Season 7. The suspense created in Season 6 is definitely another reason to blame for it.

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