The AIB knockout Roast-crossing all barriers

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The latest item from AIB goes viral

The latest YouTube video that is going viral these days is the AIB Knockout Roast. It broke all the barriers of decency. Quite a number of people termed it as ‘vulgar’ and ‘cheap’, but wasn’t that the whole point of it?  It is offensive, yet it was hilarious. It talked about things which are usually said behind closed doors, or between a group of friends, but not in front of a 4,000 strong audience.

This edition of the AIB roast featured Bollywood’s two heartthrobs; Arjun Kapoor and Ranveer Singh.  This was perhaps the most politically incorrect comedy show in India ever, but no doubt it was also one of the most hilarious one. Everyone who was on stage did their best and succeeded in grilling Arjun Kapoor and Ranveer Singh, well almost. This was perhaps the best place where Raghu (The bald guy from Roadies), could showcase his skills of mindlessly abusing people. But he disappointed yet again. He tried to come with new abuses, but he failed miserably. Not to mention Rajiv Masand, he was clearly the odd one out. Maybe he should just stick to writing reviews; he was trying just too hard.

Perhaps the best part about AIB Knockout Roast was that it showed the transition of the Bollywood celebrities. There was a time, when they respected and any kind of small joke on them could earn you their wrath. Gone are the days where the talk shows were formal and a quiet affair. Both Arjun Kapoor and Ranveer Singh amongst many other played a good sport.


When the duo was being grilled by the AIB team, all they could do was smile sheepishly. Full points to them for being a good sport.  The others who faced the AIB team were Alia Bhatt, Deepika Padukone and Sonakshi Sinha. All the three ladies took the jokes on them really well. Karan Johar was a perfect roast host. He shed his usual sophisticated image and was all up for hosting a non-forgettable roast.

The only downside of the AIB Knockout Roast was the fact that some of the jokes were repetitive. Almost every other panelist took on Arjun Kapoor because he did not pass his class 12th exams.  This one was a bit overdone.

On the whole, the AIB Knockout was a delight to watch. It brought something fresh for the Indian audience, which over a period of time has forgotten the difference between over dramatic and comedy.


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