A Japanese game show where a bear tries to maul a woman

A typical Japanese game show ever?

One the most well-known things which have come out from the Japan are the game shows (remember Takeshi’s castle?). They are famous for their ridiculousness. There are hundreds of game shows which have come out from Japan. Because most of these game shows have a peculiar format (in some countries it might be even considered as taboo) they manage to catch the eye of the international audience. Some of these shows are downright bizarre.

One such game show has been doing rounds of the internet features a woman who has been sealed inside a glass box. If it would have been a normal show, it wouldn’t have been a matter of concern, but since it is a Japanese game show, there is a big catch in it. There is a grizzly bear outside who is tumbling and shoving the box all over the place. The woman inside the box is terrified, but the catch is that she has to tape the whole encounter from inside the box.

In the 44 second clip the woman is screaming as the box in which she is, is getting shoved around by the huge bear. The bear knocks around the glass box with much ease, while the wom is taping it from inside.

The clip is from a bear-oriented game called the Predator Shield, in which a contestant’s nerves are tested.

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