Real action in Bigg Boss 9 starts

Bigg Boss 9

Cat fights, Group being made and tantrums, Bigg Boss 9 is here

We all were waiting for the real action to start in Bigg Boss 9, well folks, it is here. Some of the moments among the contestants have really accelerated the pace of the show.

Cat Fight

Cat fights have always been the highlight of Bigg Boss, this season is also no different. Lock up two women in a house, fights are bound to happen. This time, it was started by Rochelle Rao and Mandana. There is so much tension between the two contestants that Rochelle made it clear to Mandana by saying, “Your partner is my boyfriend”. This was the first cat fight of the season. From here Mandana can either be the third wheel or she will make it a love triangle.

Breaking intimacy rules

Another feature of Bigg Boss is intimacy between the couples. There are some strict rules, which are supposed to be followed by the couples, but then hardly anyone follows them. In this season, the couple is Keith and Rochelle. Thanks to both of them, the viewers are getting a daily dose of a few intimate moments. Maybe Mandana won’t come in between them.

Return of the Kings

In Bigg Boss, the captains are the kings. In Bigg Boss 9, the first time captains are Vikas Bhalla and Yuvika Chaudhary. From here on the game will really begin. The captains not only hold the power, but they also have to be responsible and convince the contestants to do tasks; some of which cannot be termed as normal.


There is always a contestant in Bigg Boss who keeps throwing tantrums; in Bigg Boss 9 the contestant is Mandana. To begin with she has problems with Rochelle. She doesn’t want to change her bed, doesn’t let her partner smoke or adjust with his workout schedule, cannot cross the lawn twice because of the mosquitoes and the list goes on.

Groups being made

When groups are being made in the Bigg Boss house, you know that things are about to hit the fan. It is pretty clear that Mandana is not exactly liked by the contestants. She has found her supporters in Arvind and Ankit because the other contestants have problems with Arvind’s snoring. While the rest of them are working as individuals, these three might just make the first group in Bigg Boss 9.


1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Shonali

    October 18, 2015 at 3:39 pm

    Most beautiful to watch is the taking care of long hair of the little princess, India being such a strong race for having lots of hair, yet we do not value it, we keep cutting our hair short, I suppose you can make a moment for this value of our nation, by giving a task around the beauty, if you want I can give you some tips !

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