Gym Rules that you should Follow

Gym rules

Gym Rules

Gym rules

These days a lot of people have become health conscious and in the process a number of them go to the gym. It is a place where not only your body goes through a transformation, but also your personality.

Here we list you a few gym rules that you should follow.

Warm-up: Generally people tend to ignore their warm-up exercises, especially in India. They do not understand the importance of doing a warm up and hence they are also the ones who get injured the most. Warming up is essential as it helps the muscles to become warm. Warm muscles are less susceptible to damage than the cold ones. Hence, it is important to do a proper warm-up.

Stretching: Stretching is one the most important things to do when working out in a gym is stretching. Stretching vastly improves the motion and flexibility of the muscles. This reduces the risk of muscle tightness and strain. One should stretch both, before and after the workout.

Getting a water bottle: Drinking water in the gym is really important. Always have a sip or two from your bottle whenever possible. Try and drink water before you feel thirsty. Keeping yourself hydrated is important. Thirst is a sure shot sign of the fact that your body is getting dehydrated. Hence, it becomes important for you to drink water on a regular basis.

Gym rules

Carry a towel: If you sweat like a pig, then make sure you carry a hand towel with you to the gym. Imagine you slipping off someone else’s sweat. Would you like it? Similarly if someone else slips on your sweat he or she too, won’t like it. Wipe of the sweat from the machine after your workout is over.

Don’t Grunt: We understand that doing that last set of curls or hammers, and it is taking a lot of effort to just keep your hands/arms steady, but for heaven’s sake, don’t grunt or make noises. It just sounds really wrong, not to mention distracting others from their workout regime.

Time spent on gym equipment: Make sure that you don’t use the gym equipment more than the allotted time. Remember, there are other too who want to use the gym equipment and are probably waiting for their turn to use the gym equipment.


Don’t talk loudly: One of the most annoying and distracting thing in a gym is when people talk loudly with each other. We understand that your emotions run high while lifting the weight, but you should try to curb your enthusiasm, especially when sharing with someone else in the gym. Also talking on the phone is not a good idea in the gym, as it is also a great distraction.

Don’t overdo it: Hitting the gym is a good idea. Doing cardio and weight is also a good idea. But the problem lies in the fact when people start over doing. What happens in the process is that it harms the body tremendously. Over stressing your muscles is always a bad option. They don’t become strong, on the contrary, they become weak.

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