Game of Thrones Season 5 Finale

Season 5 finale,  the most merciless episodes of the entire series

So Season 5 five of Game of thrones has finally ended and it is no doubt that it was the best episode of the entire Game of thrones series so far. From this point on, both the books and the series are neck-to-neck. Now the fans of the television series will have to wait for almost nine months for the next season to air. This was an episode where characters were cut short because the producers were jumping from one story to another in a brisk but determined pace. It all started with Stannis Baratheon losing everything. In episode 9 he burns his own daughter alive, much to the disgust of his soldiers. They desert him at the morning of the battle of Winterfell.

Game of Thrones

Although, he had half his soldiers and no horses at all, Stannis still marched on to Winterfell. He believed till the end that he was the one. No fan had imagined in the wildest dreams that Stannis would be the first one to fall in the season finale. Till the episode where he burns alive his own daughter, Stannis Baratheon was an interesting and complicated character – a certain section of fans even respected him. After that, it seemed that he had lost the plot. His wife hangs herself, because of the guilt. His army is slaughtered by Bolton’s army. He is eventually slain by Brienne of Tarth. Throughout the series, he is not the evils sorts like Jeffory and Ramsay Bolton, but when he burns his own daughter, he crosses a line.

Arya Stark stumbles upon Meryn Trant at a Braavosi brothel, where she kills him in the most agonizing way. She stabs both his eyes and stabs him a number of times and eventually slits his throat. This is one the few moments in the episode in which you get this feel good factor. But once she reaches the house of Black and White, the many-faced-Gods tells her that he was not hers to kill. And that she is still not ready. She is blinded by Jaqen H’ghar. Her fate now seems to be uncertain. What will happen to her now? How will she become a deadly assassin?

Then there is the third story of Jaimie and Mycrella. This is the scene where he is about to tell her that he is her actual father but is shocked to know that she already knew it. It was a touchy scene between a father and her daughter. As soon as Mycrella says that she is glad that he is her father, she falls victim to Ellaria Sand’s ploy. She is poisoned by Ellaria Sand and dies eventually.


Back in Meereen things have gone bad to worse. The bold attempt by the Sons of Harpy had taken everyone by surprise. Daenerys is missing from the city. Tyrion Lannister is left with Ser Jorah Mormont and Daario Naharis. They decide to let Tyrion take care of the city of Meereen, along with Greyworm and Missandei. Here also meets Lord Varys, and the two decide to go after the Sons of Harpy.

Game of Thrones

Meanwhile, Cersei confesses to some of her crimes if not all to the High Sparrow. High Sparrow allows Cercsei to return to the castle, but she will have to do the walk of shame. Cersei manages to finish her Walk of Shame and is completely broken down. Her hair is cut short, her robes are discarded. She is booed and taunted by the people. There comes a point where you actually feel bad for Cersei. She finally manages to finish the Walk of Shame. There she is introduced to the latest King’s guard, Ser Robert Strong a.k.a The Mountain.

Last but not the least comes, Jon Snow. As it is his popularity with his own brethren had fallen when he lead the Wildlings through the wall. In the last episode of the season, he is killed by his own men.  The most devastating blows come from Olly, whom he regarded as his pupil.  He is tricked by Olly into coming outside, where he is killed by the rest of the Night’s Watch. This was one death, which took everyone by surprise. There is also a possibility that Jon Snow might be resurrected by Melisandre, as it is seen that she returns to Castle Black.

Game of Thrones

Now the fans will have to wait for the next nine months for further developments.  Overall, episode 9 was the most merciless episode out of all the episodes of the series. This ending has opened a whole new possibilities and season 6 will definitely be interesting. For the first time, fans have been left in a lurch that what is going to happen? Earlier there were slight hints that what is going to come in the subsequent season, but not this time. Jon Snow is dead (or at least that is what we are made to think), Cersei has been stripped of all her pride Daenerys has been missing, Stannis Baratheon is dead, Sansa and Theon have escaped Winterfell, Jamie is returning to King’s Landings with his dead daughter. And since there no books to give any lead of some kind, we are definitely looking forward to season 6.

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