Game of Thrones musical by Coldplay

Game of Thrones

A musical parody of Game of Thrones by Coldplay, using the actors from the series has everyone in splits.

There is just not getting enough of Game of Thrones is it? These days Game of Thrones is doing rounds of the internet, and no it is not because of its latest season. What has made Game of Thrones even more popular is the musical parody which has gone quite viral on the internet. This has happened thanks to Coldplay’s Chris Martin and the cast of Game of Thrones.

As a part of the Red Nose Day charity event, Chirs Martin, decided to make a musical parody of Game of Thrones. Earlier, a short preview of the musical parody was released that generated a lot of interest among the fans. The response of the parody was as expected. It was loved by all and the fans of the show could not wait for the full video. The video is a musical spin-off of things and events that happen in the world of Westeros. The full version of the Westerosi Opera was finally out and was appreciated by fans from all over.

The video starts with Chris Martin telling about his plans of making a musical out of the Game of Thrones series. His efforts in trying to recruit the cast for the musical don’t go really well initially as only Ramsay Bolton and Robert Baratheon are the ones who come to the studio to listen to Martin’s plans. Things don’t seem to be going good, that is when Jon Snow arrives, although late. This is when things start to seem change for good. He also tempts them with the added bonus of free food.

Things really start to pick up the pace when Kit Harrington, gave his own twist to the Troggs’s version of ‘Wild Things’. We also see Samwell Tarly, Rose Leslie, Alfen Allen, Charlotte Pope and Thomas Brodie-Sangster also join in. When the song ends, Kit is rather happy with his performance, but Chris Martin has other ideas. This is where Rose Leslie (Ygritte) snubs Martin and says. “You know nothing Chirs Martin”.

There is also a song by Emile Clark. She is initially skeptical about the project. She even compares the idea to Titanic – but not the movie, but the actual ship which sank. She is later convinced to record the song, ‘Rastafarian Targaryen’.

Game of Thrones

There is also a piano ballad by  Nikolaj Coster – Waldau (Jamie Lannister), where he sings about Cersei Lannister’s (and his own ) son Jeffory Lannister – the former malevolent young king of Westeros.

The video is rounded off by a classy performance by Peter Dinklage (Tyrion Lannister) with ‘Man of all season (still going strong)’. His song celebrates all the past perilous events that Tyrion has ever escaped or evaded in the past five years.

Things seem to be going pretty well and Chris Martin is excited to meet George RR Martin, and get a nod to go ahead with the musical. But his dreams are dashed when George RR Martin says no to the musical adaptation of the series.

The video ends, where Chris is not disappointed, as he has other ideas about films and television series that could be made into musicals.

Last but not the least, the narration is done by none other than Liam Neeson.

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