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A Quick Recipe When Hungry Recipe Courtesy: Chef Manish, Butler House

Red Volvo Burgers



10 gm carrots, sliced

10 gm mushrooms, sliced

10 gm jalapenos, chopped

10 gm cauliflower, sliced

10 gm beans, sliced

10 gm green peas

5 gm salt

3 gm red chilly

5 gm Cajun spice

5 gm sweet paprika

10 gm cream cheese

5 gm parsley

5 gm black pepper

5 gm thyme

10 gm onion

5 gm garlic


Add oil to heated pan. Sauté onion and garlic. Add all the vegetables and lightly sauté. Add the spices and cook till the vegetables are semi-tender. Add cream cheese and top with jalapenos.




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