Bike trips in India you must take

Bike trips

Travel on the most beautiful routes in India

Being the 7th largest country in the world, India is home to one of the richest and the most exotic locations in the world. The only thing you have to do is to go out of your house and drive. From majestic mountains to beautiful scenic coasts, India is a land of opportunity for memorable bike trips.

Here we are going to tell you about some of the best places to have a bike trip.

Manali-Ladakh: This route is on everyone’s list. This is the most famous bike trip route, but it is also meant for those who are experienced drivers as it is not an easy one. With the drastic change in altitude, you have to be careful and prepare yourself so that you don’t get altitude sickness. This particular trip takes time and you cannot rush through it.  The best part about this route is the chilly mountain air, the adrenaline rush which you get will driving through the passes and, of course, the Buddhist monasteries which dot the landscape.

Bike trips

Bangalore-Kannur: Kannur is a beautiful holiday destination and if you are planning to visit the place, then the best way to go there is by road and that too by combining it with a long route which goes through Nagarhole and Tholpatty and then get to Kuthuparamba from Manandvady. You then go all the way to Kuthuparamba before you reach Kannur. It is a beautiful drive which will take you past roving cliffs and if you are hungry they are some really good roadside restaurants which serve good food.

Siliguri-Yuksom: The Darjeeling-Sikkim route is one the best routes in the world, which is not that explored. The best way to do it is by going through Siliguri. Also, you must visit through the tiny hill station of Kalimpong. Pelling and Gangtok can also be your pit stops. The gorgeous view of the Himalayas from the route is to die for. You can also have a peek at the majestic Kanchenjunga.

Barmer-Bikaner: For those who had enough of the hills and the mountains, you can also do the Barmer-Bikaner route. This ride can be a bit of daunting as you have to pass through endless stretches of sand and with not a soul in sight. It is a nice serene and a calm ride because of the lack of human population. You will see a lot of wild camels criss-crossing the road.

Bike trips

Mumbai – Mahabaleshwar: This one is for those who are not used to driving long hours. It is also one the favourite drives for newbies. With its winding hills and colourful meadows, it is really a beautiful ride. On the way, you can also stop at Panchgani, which is Asia’s second highest plateau. If you are a strawberry lover, then you can always have the famous Panchgani strawberries.

There are other road trip routes too, but we have chosen these ones for you.

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