Phones that defined the last decade


Cool phones of the last decade

We are going to talk about the time when life was simple, and if a person had to buy a new phone, he had a handful of options to choose from, unlike today where there are thousands of options. Presently there are more phone brands than the ever before and each one is trying to outdo each other by launching new phones quarterly.

It’s time to take you back to the memory lane and talk about those phones which made us look cool.

Nokia 1100 – This phone has been one the most popular phones in the memes because of the battery life which could last a generation. But what made this phone cool was the fact that it was the first phone which had a flashlight.


Nokia 1100

Nokia 3310 – A comet will destroy the earth, but this phone will still survive. These days it is popular because of the memes which term the phone as indestructible.


Nokia 3310

Nokia 5300 – This was one of the cooled slider phones during that time. It came with a red and white colour combo, which was loved by all and something which people are going crazy over these days.


Nokia 5300

Nokia N Gage – No other phone was as cool as N Gage. The person who had this phone was the coolest dude around. The iconic controller design was a rage amongst the youth.


Nokia N Gage

Moto Razr – It was one the best flip phones to ever come out. With the volume control buttons on the sides, this was a really cool phone to own.


Moto Razr

Sony P900 – One of the first phones to have a touchscreen, the Sony P900 was a large phone. Although it was large and chunky, it was still a phone which as desired by many.


Sony P900

Nokia 6600 – One the most popular phones in India, it had taken the whole country by storm. Almost everyone who could afford this phone had one.


Nokia 6600

Moto Ming – It was one the coolest phone which came out from the Moto factories. It also had the best touch phone at that time.


Moto Ming

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