Top five smartphones of 2015


Which smartphone should you buy this year?

The year 2015 has been a year of great technological advancements; one of those is the Smartphone. Now a household item, The Smartphone seems to be continuously expanding in user base and utility.

Here is us taking a look at the best smartphones of 2015


Samsung Galaxy Note 5 – It is the best available android Smartphone in the market with a finally usable S-Pen. It boosts of high-performance processors and display.


Samsung Galaxy S6  – The second Samsung contender in this list. It has a great, pristine design with new features and it boosts of a very fluid touch along with an amplified music output system.


iPhone 6s – It is the latest I-phone with an upgraded camera and 3d touch, Just go buy it already. They have improved over every facet of the iphone-6.


Honor 7 – This phone by Huawei is a beast, Made from a polished aluminium casing. It looks classy as fuck, Apart from that it has got a pretty decent battery life. This is a rough phone made for travel. It boosts of all stock android features.


Sony Xperia Z5 – Sony’s latest flagship Smartphone brings with it an incredible design, fingerprint scanner and a great camera. The Smartphone has a compact form factor and comes in a bunch of interesting colour options.

These are our top contenders for the best Smartphone of 2015 if you agree or don’t agree with our rankings; please let us know in the comments.


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