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Tips and tricks to style the stripe trend this season

The stripe trend is back in a big way for summer, but instead of conventional parallel lines, many designers are mixing it up with a stripe in all directions, thickness, and color. The classic pattern is emboldened for spring on suiting, sets, and notice-me dresses. The simplest ideas are always the best. Dip a toe into this trend and try experimenting with stripes this season with these helpful tips

Tip #1: Mix n Match

Embrace your inner ’60s starlet and try a striking mix of bigger, horizontal stripes on your top and smaller, perpendicular stripes on your bottom half. While there are lots of bright colors on the market, when you’re starting out, it’s wise to keep to darker shades like black or navy. Also, keeping the accessories to a minimum and your shoes simple will create a simple yet chic look.

Tip #2: Consider It A Neutral 

Style a bold stripe as you would any other wardrobe staple. That means style it with denims, leather, khakis, and cotton without hesitation. Also, if you’re feeling adventurous you could take it up a notch with other classic prints, like animal print, small polka dots, or even florals.

Tip #3: Think Beyond Basic

While we urge you to own as many striped sweaters, casual tees, and dressy tops as your pocket allows, we love a striped accessory too! Try rocking a pair of sunglasses or even footwear with the bold stripe. Even a tiny addition of this quirky, timeless print will elevate your look and make it effortlessly cool!


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Tip #4: Top Heavy Women

To prevent added width to the bust and midsection; consider wearing vertical stripes on the top portion. For the lower section, style the stripe choosing thicker vertical ones, which will add more visual weight to the legs. For a one piece choose a piece where the direction of the stripe is uniform, a deep v-neck will help to lengthen the neck area and flatter the bust, or you can opt for a belted style for that hourglass figure.


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Tip #5: Bottom Heavy Women

Wear horizontal stripes on the top that will help to visually widen the upper body, balancing out the lower half. To avoid added width to the hips, opt for vertical stripes on the bottom portion. To help broaden the shoulders you can also go for an off the shoulder style.


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Tip #5: Women With A Rectangular Frame

Consider stripe pieces in more feminine silhouettes. Use the stripe trend by opting for pieces with lines in various directions. Look for pieces that accentuate your figure and make you appear curvier. You can style a one piece or a shirt dress by wearing a belt that enhances you waist


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