How to avoid wedding shoe disasters

wedding shoeWedding Shoe- A bride’s worst nightmare

One of the worst nightmares a bride can have is a bad wedding shoe day. Most of the brides dread the idea of falling down while wearing heels. Tripping while walking to the ‘mandap‘ or the aisle or taking rounds of the sacred fire, Brides just fearful embarrassing themselves while wearing heels on their wedding day, after all who wants to be the next YouTube sensation when comes to wedding fails.

Here we are going to tell you about a few ways by which you can save yourself a few wedding -jitters.

Relax: Well, it goes without saying but on your wedding day, you should be relaxed. It is a known fact that when you are nervous you tend to be more awkward and clumsy, hence be relaxed. We know it is difficult to be relaxed on your wedding day, but it is important. Your family and friends are there to see you get married, and not make a fool of yourself while wearing heels.

Be comfortable: One of the worst way through which you can ruin your wedding day is by not being comfortable. Nothing is worse than walking/limping around with sore feet because of cheap and ill-fitting shoes. Pick a pair of shoes that are comfortable. The best wedding shoes will be really comfortable. Shoes which have leather linings are really comfortable, as they have the ability to mould according to the shape of your feet.

Heel Height:  If you are planning to wear heels on your wedding day, make sure that you have used those particular heels, or at least get familiar with them. Always take into consideration the height of the heel. If you are planning to wear a six-inch shoe, and then make sure you’ve had some walking practice wearing them. Walking awkwardly in your wedding won’t be a good picture, and you are also likely to fall down.

Practice: If you are not used to wearing heels, yet you want to wear them during your wedding, it is advised that practice walking in some heels. Lean back while you walk and do it slowly. You might find it unnatural and maybe uncomfortable, but this is how you walk wearing heels. Try not to swing your arms too much.

Length of the Dress:  Make sure that the height of your heels and the length match each other. The length of the dress should be appropriate.  And remember that if you take those shoes off, then you might just trip over the dress, so be careful.

Don’t get drunk: Yes, you read that right. Although, it is your big day, but try and avoid getting too drunk. No one wants to see a drunken bride wobbling in her heels all over the place. Heels and drinks don’t really go together for those who are not used to moving around in heels.

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