Flats or heels- a woman’s dilemma

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Almost all modern day women face the problem of choosing which shoe to buy and wear. Be it the colour or the type of the shoe, they have a lot of problem in choosing. The two most common types of shoes worn by women are heels and flats. The real deal is to choose which one looks the best. For this, we will do a comparative study of both types of shoes and give their advantages and disadvantages.

Here we will talk about flats and heels and about their advantages and disadvantages respectively.

Flats: These are the shoes, as the name suggest, without heels. There are many styles in flats. They have rounded or pointed shoes, open-toed or closed toes. They also come in a variety of colours. One of the most known advantages of a flat shoe is the fact that it is comfortable. They put less stress on your feet compared to heels. They are also very comfortable and can be worn at length at a time. They can also be worn in a wide variety of events and situations. Since they are less bulky, they can be packed easily, into a bag. One of the major disadvantages of a flat shoe is that, even though, it is comfortable, it can still cause blisters; the reason being that some of the flats tend not to break-in as a result they are still stiff. And if they are worn for a longer period of time, then they might bite the foot. One can use heel cushions in areas which might have blisters.

Heels: Heels are perhaps the only shoes, which are equally hated as well as loved by women. Just like flats they also have a large variety, and they come in all shapes and sizes and colours. Generally heels are worn for formal events, but this does not imply that they cannot be worn every day. You just need to know what to wear with the particular heel. Heels make a woman a look more graceful and they compliment the figure very well.

One of the biggest disadvantages of heels is that they are really uncomfortable. They also cause blisters to the feet and cannot be worn for a long period of time. You can also have health related problems because of heels. Heels are known to cause blisters, ingrown toenails and sometimes they even damage the tendons.

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