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Star Wars

10 facts you surely did not know about Star Wars

Star Wars

Star Wars – The Force Awakens, the seventh instalment of the series is just a few weeks away. No other science fiction franchise has captured the imagination of millions of people across generations.  With the seventh movie coming next month, it is sure to rock the theaters, as there are a lot of expectations from the film. Most of the times the fans claim to know almost all the facts about the franchise.

Here we are going to tell you about a few unknown facts that you did not know about the franchise.

Yoda has a first name: Obi-Wan Kenobi, Mace Windu, Anakin Skywalker… all the Jedis have a first name, but Yoda has only one. Few fans know about the fact that Yoda has another name which he seldom uses. His full name is Minch Yoda.

Han Solo wasn’t a Human: Lucas had pictured Han Solo as a character having a flat, green face and gills. Harrison Ford was helping Lucas read the lines when he realised that he had the perfect Solo. Ford’s abrasive, sarcastic delivery sounded perfect for a space adventurer.

Luke Skywalker wasn’t the original name: George Lucas had originally named the character Luke Starkiller. He realised that the name, Killer might send out a wrong message to the movie goers, hence he renamed the character to Skywalker.

Star Wars

Clone Troopers: In ‘Revenge of the Sith’ we see thousands of clones. What is surprising is that it there was not even a single live actor in the scene. All of it is CGI. There have been computer generated images earlier, but no doubt this is the biggest CGI crowd on the screen at one time.

The Communicator: The communicator that Qui-Gon Jinn uses in the Phantom menace might look similar. It is actually a woman’s electric shaver, fixed up with some shiny sci-fi additions.

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