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Flipkart gets duped!


Man allegedly exploits Flipkart’s return policy to dupe the company

Flipkart is in the news again, this time for being cheated. 32-year-old Veera Swamy who hails from Hyderabad duped the online shopping company for over 20 lakh. Flipkart is well known for its attractive discounts on the products and its flexible return policy. Veera Swamy took advantage of the return policy and used it for his own benefit.

Swamy used to place an order for expensive electronic products in the name of his family members and sometimes even the neighbours. He would later return the products complaining about the quality of the products and that some of them were faulty.

When he used to get the product he used to call the customer care and complain about the product, after which he used to send the product back in the same box. As soon as the product used to reach the dealer, money was transferred back to Swamy’s account.

What Swamy used to do was that he used to keep the original product for himself and send a replica of the product or send the same product but used to take out all the vital parts of the product and send it back in the same box, model number and the product code.

Swamy created a number of fake email ids through which he used to place the order; he also opened a number of bank accounts through which he used to make the transactions. Once the product reached back to the dealer, the company used to transfer back the money to one of these accounts.

The company has found out that in the last 20 months Swamy had purchased more than 200 items and returned them back. According to the company, it incurred a loss of over Rs 20 lakh. The concerned authorities are looking into the matter and are going through the details of the purchases and verifying them.

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