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Trump calls for total ban “On Muslims entering America”

We call for a total ban on him.

Donald Trump

Writing about Donald Trump leaves us tired and nauseated. The fact that he didn’t turn out to be a one pump chump more so.

A trump-stamp of bigotry, sexism and fascism, Donald remains stupid as ever and twice as arrogant. That however just fails to stop him from having firm footing as a presidential candidate. He keeps reciting random digits and allegations. His massive amounts of supporters keep cheering him.

We wouldn’t even argue his proposed ban, to do so would mean there is a counterargument. Instead of fixing real problems he is hell bent on creating fake ones. Muslims who call America home are more of a threat to him than lax gun laws. Hitler would start spreading the message of universal peace if he met this man.

Today Trump claims Muslims are a threat, Black people need to get roughed up and Mexicans should be prejudiced on with a ‘Yuuge’ wall. Only White people don’t seem to be a threat according to him, He just doesn’t understand that neither terrorism has color nor religion, just a penchant for death and destruction

We really hope this is all a big joke conducted by a reality show, sadly that seems realer and less destructive.

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