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A Pakistani attorney filed a petition to bring the Kohinoor to Pakistan, citing ownership.

Who let the Kohinoor out?


Who does it belong to really? We think it belongs to fighting. A son stole it from the father he imprisoned; it was stolen from him by the Persians. Who later returned it to India in a bid to rule in their own country? Only to be ‘Acquired’ again by the British from India. It raises the question, can something so desired ever have a single owner?

That is yet to be known, we do know it is a constant source of quarrel. Everyone wants the diamond and that hasn’t been good for it.

The ruin of the Kohinoor

From its initial weight of 793 carats when uncut, it is now merely over 100 carats. Aurangzeb ruined it by hiring a unskilled craftsman to cut it. The Queen ruined it further by hiring highly skilled craftsmen to cut it. The beauty that people associate with the largest diamond has been ruined by countless attempts to acquire it. It is ordinary to look at.

Is it just powerplay acquiring it? A sign that says “I have the biggest diamond and it’s not even pretty anymore because people like me, wanted to make a treasure out of it”.

It is the 21st century already, should we really still be fighting over it? Don’t we all have bigger issues to focus on? that remains to be decided?

What will Pakistan do with it, even if they get it?

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