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1 (5) We are sure that most of you have seen the famous sitcom How I Met Your Mother’s episode, in which Ted Moseby says ‘I am in Love with you’ to Robin Scherbatsky a tad bit too soon. This really puts off Robin big time. In real life too one should not just say the ‘L’ word instantly. Not only no one likes it, but it also makes them uncomfortable. It doesn’t matter if the first few dates are good or if you feel like that the two of you are meant for each other, if you say the ‘L’ word early, it will definitely ruin your relationship, or atleast make things a bit awkward between the two of you. Here we give you reasons not to say the ‘L’ word too early.

Less excitement: If you say I love you too early in your, then there are chances that you might just kill the excitement in your relationship. Early in every relationship, there these certain kinds of uncertainties that prevail, and saying ‘I love you’, during this phase might just ruin the relationship.

Reality check: There is a very thin line between infatuation and love. If you profess your love to her/him initially, chances are that it is an infatuation. After a few dates, there is a high possibility that you might lose interest in her/him. It keeps you far away from the reality. It blurs the line between infatuation and love.

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Heartbreak: If guys are commitment phobic, then so are girls. And if you confess your love to them too soon, you might just be turned down. However, if she decides to be with you, she will still be in a dilemma. And it is a known fact that if girls are unsure of things, it really doesn’t end well for the person who is close to her.

Grow apart: If you tell your partner that you love her/him, and she doesn’t reciprocate at all, chances are that the two of you might just grow apart from each other.

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