World Heart Day:Daily habits that harm our heart

You might not realise it, but these habits might be harming your heart in a big way.

People all over across the globe will celebrate World Heart day with great rigour. Many pledged to lead a healthy lifestyle in order to make their heart healthier. But there are many habits which we are not aware of, that lead to problems in the functioning of the heart.

Here we are going to list down a few habits that have an adverse effect on the heart in the longer run.

Sitting too much: Over the years the lifestyle of the general population has become more sedentary; which has lead to more and more people getting heart diseases. As per the American Heart Association (AHA) sitting for five hours or more every day could lead to heart disease.

Excessive alcohol consumption: These days, many people live by the mantra ‘Work hard, party harder’, which leads to an overworked heart. Excessive alcohol consumption tends to interrupt the general rhythm of the heart. This also leads to people getting diabetes and obesity.

Cynical Attitude: How your attitude is towards life is, is important. Studies have proved that negativity and cynicism are key factors that lead to poor health. It leads to a short temper which further leads to high blood pressure, high cholesterol and people tend to suffer from depression.

Sleeping little: If you are unable to get a shut-eye then you should consult your doctor; lack of sleep puts a tremendous amount of pressure on the heart. It also leads to high cholesterol and adrenalin levels. One should at least get eight hours of sleep.

Not going for a regular health check-up:  Regular health check-ups are essential, because if you have any kind of ailment, you at least get a heads up and can take all the necessary precautions.

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