How to live without your laptop



In this age where we are surrounded by technology, it is really difficult for a person to stay away from it. Be it our phones or our laptops, we just cannot keep our hands off them. Because of this, our physical activity has also gone down tremendously.  People these days cannot imagine their lives without technology. Suppose something happens and you are not able to get an access to your laptop or any gadgets, here we give you a few tips, what to do, if you have to live without your laptop.

Make a list of things: You have to go back to the time when you did not have a laptop. Things were much simpler then, and not only that you were physically more active. If you lose your laptop, make a list of all the things which you used to do before you even had a laptop. It will help you organise and plan your needs and demands before you had a laptop. The list can have anything, from listening to music to writing down your journal; everything can be included in the list.

Job Switch: It might come as a surprise, but it is also true. Most of the jobs, these days involve working on a laptop or desktop. Try and get a job which has less use of the computer. If this happens, then there are chances that you won’t miss your laptop that much.

Do some reading and writing: This is one solution which will definitely help you in not missing your laptop. Get into the habit of reading books and penning down thoughts. It won’t just give you a better perspective of life, but also it is the best way to gain knowledge. Start maintaining a journal and pen down your thoughts; it will help you develop as individuals.

Movies: If there is a new movie in town, then you can always go to a movie theatre and enjoy it.  Also, if you have an old movie to watch, you can always go to a DVD store and rent a movie and see it on a DVD player. Most of the DVD stores have a good collection of movies.

Get active: It is perhaps the best thing to do when you don’t have a laptop. Play all the sports you were involved in, when you were in school. Not only it will keep you healthy and fit, you will also have something to do. Exercise will keep your body and mind sharp.

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