Game of Thrones Season 5 Episode 10 preview

Game of Thrones

The season which started at a slow pace has now picked up pace

Season five was one of the most anticipated Game of Thrones season ever. But a number of fans were left disappointed because of the sluggish pace of the season. People started to write of this season as the most boring season of Game of Thrones. But the whole season did a complete turnaround from episode 8. The storyline picked up the pace from episode 8 and went till episode 9. The battle with the white walkers and the army of dead surely made things more interesting and suddenly the season did not look sluggish.

Game of Thrones

In terms of ugly surprise, perhaps the only other episode which it can compete was the Red Wedding episode.  Perhaps people were more shocked in this episode rather than the red wedding because Stannis Baratheon burns alive his own daughter, whom he loved dearly. The audience might have loved and respected and maybe even felt that Stannis was the right man for the Iron Throne – but after murdering his own daughter, we doubt that he will gain the sympathy of the audience. Killing of Shireen in such a brutal matter surely made the audience cringe, but it also added a whole new level of twist to the plot.

Now coming to Episode 10, this will be the last episode of the season. This episode too, no doubt will be interesting and might just twist the storyline further. The episode which is titled, “Mother’s Mercy” is expected to feature Cersei’s nude walk. It is a chance given to her by the Faith Militant to seek God’s mercy. Cersei will be stripped naked and will be forced to walk the streets of King’s Landing.

Game of Thrones

Cersei’s walk of shame won’t be the only highlight of the episode. Stannis will finally march to Winterfell and Daenerys will be surrounded by the Sons of Harpy. Also, Jon Snow will be challenged by his comrades and according to the book, he dies. But the then the makers of the show haven’t been following the books’ story, so there is a chance that Jon Snow might survive.

As far as the season is concerned, it definitely started at a slow pace but picked it up from episode 8. However, there are still certain things which were are lacking till now. For example, there was no mention of Bran Stark or his helper Hodor. They were last seen meeting a mystic, who controlled the three-eyed Raven. Also, there is again no mention of Robert Baratheon’s son. Fans were left wanting for something more.

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