Best Game of Thrones quotes

Game of Thrones quotes

Since the time Game of Thrones series was started by HBO, there have been several memorable quotes in the series. The series is not all about blood, guts and skin; there are a number of impressive quotes that have been said in the series. Apart from the famous quotes such as ‘a Lannister always pays his debts’, and ‘Winter is Coming’, there are other quotes too in the book which are memorable.

Here we bring you the best best Game of Thrones quotes.

The man who passes the sentence should swing the sword: This is line has been said by Eddard Stark. This particular line also reveals a lot about his character. He is an honourable man and is not afraid to do what is needed. He brings Bran to the execution, so that he understands what duty is all about, and in the future be like him.

The next time you raise a hand on me will be the last time you have hands: This is said by Khaleesi to her brother Viserys, when he hits her. This time she actually stands for herself, and it somehow shows that she is a strong person, and would not spare anyone who harms her, even of it is her own brother.

It’s the family name that lives on. It’s all that lives on: This is said by Tywin, when he is introduced in the series. This particular line shows that he cares a lot for his family legacy, that it is his priority. This he says when he is scolding Jaime for not using his talents. This also shows that he expects Jaime to carry on the family’s legacy.

When you play the game of thrones, you win or you die: This is being said by Cersei to Eddard Stark, when he reveals that he knows about her and Jamie’s relationship, and the fact that it is not honourable. This line is also true to the series, as Eddard Stark dies, in the end, whereas Cersei lives on.

Game of Thrones quotes

A girl gives a man his own name: This one is said by Jaqen H’ghar (Valar Morghulis guy) to Arya Stark, when he asks her whom to kill. H’ghar pleads her to unname him, to which she says ‘A man can kill himself’. She finally agrees to unname him if he helps her to escape Harrenhal. H’ghar helps her to escape, and in the process kills a lot of guards.

I prayed to the gods ‘take him away, make him die’: This is said by Lady Stark, when she reveals Tasila, that she had prayed that Jon Snow had died when he was a baby, as he reminded her of Eddard’s infidelity. But she also revealed that as a child when he had got the pox, she considered herself a horrible woman. She thought that because she had cursed the infant, he had got the disease.

A dragon is not a slave: This perhaps is the best moment of Daenerys, when she tricks the slave master of Astapor into selling her 8,000 unsullied soldiers for one of her dragons. The slave master tries to order the dragon, but he does not listen to him, instead, on Daenerys’ orders the dragon burns the slave master.

Game of Thrones quotes

Chaos isn’t a pit. Chaos is a ladder: This line is said by Littlefinger, when he reveals that it was he who had sold Varys’ informant Ros to Jeffory, afterwards which the young prince mutilates her with his crossbow.  This goes on to show that Littlefinger is the ultimate opportunist. He considers chaos as an opportunity and uses it to his advantage.

Last but not the least, is a quote, which captured the imaginations of many as it can be interpreted in many ways.

Hodor: This line (word) is said by Hodor on every occasion. It can be interpreted in many ways, and according to any situation, so hodor.



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