Questions I get asked as a Goan by Indians who are not from Goa

Misconceptions about Goans

Popular for its beaches and parties, Goa falls in the Top 10 list of places-to-visit-in-India.  Ever since the time I have been travelling outside Goa, I meet all kinds of people along the way, and I get treated to varied reactions every time someone gets to know I am a Goan. They find it amusing to be meeting a Goan wanderer and the set of questions that follow are sometimes funny and sometimes annoying. Let me share with you a few questions I get asked by curious people I meet.


You are a Goanese!

I don’t know from where this originated. But someone asked me whether I am a ‘Goanese’. What is that supposed to be? I am happy being a Goan.

Are you originally from Goa?

There was this guy I met who wouldn’t believe I am a Goan. He found it amusing and assumed I am from some other part of the country so much in love with Goa that I migrated to Goa and settled there.

Do you stay close to the beach?

Since Goan beaches are so hyped, I guess some people forget that Goa is a state besides being a holiday destination. They forget that there are ordinary people in Goa who lead a normal life like any one in any other state of the country. And not all the 12 talukas are situated along the coast and has a beach.


How often do you go to the beach?

Woah! I love beaches. But I do not remember the last time I went to a Goan beach. Probably three months back!

Do you wear a bikini to the beach?

The funniest one was when I was asked whether I wear a bikini to the beach. I guess they have a depiction of Goa that shows them foreign tourists sunbathing in their swimsuits and they end up assuming they are Goans.

You people eat beef right?

Not all Goans eat beef and pork. Even though I personally relish sorpotel and beef roast, not all Goans do.

You get good fish there right?

Of course, we do. And I love it too. Again, not all Goans eat seafood.

Do you drink and smoke weed?

It is such a common misconception that all Goans drink. I agree many do. But it is weird to be asked by a person I have just met whether I drink too.

Are you a Catholic?

Yes, I am. Not all Goans are.

Do you stay close to Titos Lane?

This was the latest one by a nineteen-year-old. I later get to know that he had the best time at Titos Lane when he was in Goa the last time. So he wanted to visit me the next time he comes down just in case I stay close to Titos lane.



You go clubbing? Let’s get drunk together the next time I am in Goa.

This is hilarious! I hardly even go clubbing. Majority of the Goans don’t. But it is on the top-things-to-do-in-Goa list of the tourists and they probably think Goans go clubbing every other night!

Why are you not in Goa this summer? I am dying to spend my summers in Goa.

I have spent all my summers in Goa. I love it. Goa is my fairytale. But I need to see how the rest of the country looks during summer too, right? How else would I whether Delhi weather is actually as hot as I am told.

Can you get me Feni the next time you come here?

Okay. LOL!!! Why would I even do that?

And a final one- I would love to spend the rest of my life in Goa.

Why don’t you just try it?

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