Excuses people make for not going to the gym


Do you make these excuses?



These days people are getting health conscious all the time; some diet and some go to the gym.  Going to the gym is also not easy as it tends to become boring and not long after, people start skipping the gym. These people will come up with all sorts of excuses so that they can skip the gym. Some of the excuses that people come up with are ridiculously hilarious and sometimes they are just too obvious that they do not want to go to the gym.

Here we bring you a list of excuses that people make when they want to skip the gym.

-“I have other priorities for today” (like playing a video game on the laptop).

-“I really do not care what other people think about the way I look, I love the way I look” (this is by people who are either on the heavier side of life or on the lighter side of it).

-“I know it’s a trap. First they ask you to work out, then they tell you to kiss junk food goodbye, especially pizzas and burgers and before you know you will be eating vegetables out of a goat’s plate” (this is by those people who love to eat and miss eating junk food, once they start going to the gym).



-“Saturdays are for sleeping, just like Mondays are for weeping” (Those who dread the idea of going to the gym on a Saturday as well as the idea of going for work on a Monday).

-“I worked out yesterday, which I believe is enough for a month” (For those who say that they go to the gym once a month and think. These are also those ones who complain that they go to the gym, yet they don’t seem to make headway towards achieving their fitness goals).

-“The weather is too good to be inside and sweating, I am going to the roof and enjoy the weather” (These types will end up sitting in front of the television and not go out and enjoy the lovely weather).

–  “I have a major headache, I cannot go the gym” (They say this at the slightest hint if a headache)

If you have more new and funny excuses, do let us know.

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