QUINTESSENCE ‘16 – The annual festival of lady Irwin college


Lady Irwin College is one of the main colleges in North Campus. With quality events and performances that are well organised, March 1st, 2016 saw a host of various interactive events of dance, music and fashion that numerous students from across the campus participated in. All the performances across the board were exciting and exuberant.

In the festival Quintessence ‘16, the colleges that participated in the fashion show were:

  • Vivekananda College of Professional Studies
  • Guru Gobind Singh College
  • Maitreyi College
  • Dyal Singh College
  • Satyawati College
  • Kamala Nehru College

 Winning Team

Guru Gobind Singh College


Best Male Model :

Mohit Jain from Guru Gobind Singh College

Best Female Model :

Soundarya Thakur from Dyal Singh College


Hemant Sud, Seema Dhawan, Kiran Kapoor, Ms Kakkar.



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