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Beauty tips before and after you go to sleep

Every woman dreams to look perfect when she gets up, if not that at least near perfect. But it never happens. When you get up your eyes are puffy, your hair is a mess. There are several things which might lead you to not wake up feeling beautiful and healthy. Here we are going to give you a few tips on how to wake up in the morning and feel beautiful.

Hair: If you had a bath and want to blow dry your hair it, then don’t use the hair dryer. You can make your hair bouncy and shining by simply winding two buns on the sides of your hair. Use a fabric hair tie to fix each bun before you go to sleep. Untie the buns when you get up in the morning and brush the hair. You can even apply a hair spray.

Soft Skin: Sunrays, heat and air-conditioners are really harmful to the skin. It is a known fact that heat and dry air do a significant amount of damage to the skin. The skin not only loses its moisture but also its elasticity. One of the best ways to keep your skin healthy is that before going to sleep, always apply face cream or facial oil. This will help you to keep your skin supple and healthy in the morning when you get up.

Smooth skin: Do you know that your sleeping position matters a lot when it comes to having a smooth skin. Sleeping face down with your face on the pillow can lead to a lot of wrinkles and unwanted lines. It is difficult to control yourself in sleep, hence it is advised that if you are used to sleeping face down, then you should at least keep your head on the edge of the pillow. In order to prevent the loss of collagen during sleep, always apply a night cream containing hyaluronic acid.

Eye Puffiness:  One the worst things which happen when we get up is eyes puffiness, and they look ugly. Puffiness of the eyes can be prevented. This can be done by eating less salty food, drink less water right before sleeping. And as we have said before, one should apply night creams and try and sleep on the back.

Apply Lip Balm: Lips have no oil glands hence they do not produce any oil and are not hydrated properly, they tend to get chapped. They chap more when we sleep because at night we generally breathe through the mouth. One should apply moisturizing balm in order to prevent the lips from getting chapped.

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