Tamasha Review: Good Intentions but fails to amuse


Has Imtiaz Ali and his films lost the youth connect?

It is one of the few Bollywood films where the heroine isn’t present for most of the movie; Imtiaz seems to have lost the youth pulse he had a hold of. Actors fall in love just by the grace of being in the vicinity of one another, No emotional understanding and character development required. Only beautiful women can make you realise that your life is miserable, beautiful women who want you to sign a pact of love with them to romance but not reveal names or background. Obviously the guy ends up falling in love and going psychotic over her! (SURPRISE! SURPRISE!) This is just some of the deep insights you gain from Tamasha.

Ranbir’s dad like all good Indian dads wants his son to become an engineer; Ranbir like all bad Indian sons wants to do theatre. His dad gets an acid reflux and ends up controlling him into being a product manager. (Pardon the bad pun) Ranbir then does that like a wimp for a long time and bam! enters hot Deepika who won’t even tell him her name or anything about herself and he suddenly wants to follow his heart and become theatre guy again. I would tell you more, but I don’t want to spoil it for you, It is already spoiled enough.

Poor acting, loud and raucous characters, the script is an emotional hippie personified. If this works in India, It is because of the old feed-the-hippies-one liners-without-substance- and-with-confidence agenda.

Ranbir does good acting and Imtiaz had his heart at the right place, but the execution of this movie is too honey dicking and poor.

Hardly a one time watch! Unless you are a pseudo-hippie.

Rating: 3.5/10

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