The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 3 review

The Walking Dead

Another one bites the dust

For a lot of the ‘The Walking Dead’ series fans this might be one the most emotionally charged episodes; reason being one the fan’s favourite, Glenn Rhee dies. Yes, you read that right, the brave, kind, clever Glenn who has learnt to survive without sacrificing his humanity is dead! He deserved better than to fall-off from a dumpster into the feet of the zombies, after all he saved a lot of his fellow survivors, his new family so many times. This was definitely not the way he was supposed to go out.

His death has to be the biggest death in The Walking Dead so far. In a long time, a season 1 survivor has died. The last time a season 1 survivor died was in season 3 when both Merle and Andrea are bumped off from the storyline.

Even though some characters such as Tyreese and Noah had died gruesome deaths, fans were still not as attached to them as they were to Glenn.

The fact that he was kind and merciful in his own way was his undoing. Remember Nicholas? He is the same guy, because of whom Noah died a terrible death and on another occasion he tried to kill Glenn? Perhaps Glenn should have put a bullet Nicholas’ head when he had the chance to do so. But Glenn being Glenn, decided not to. Nicholas was a coward, who had previously gotten his entire group killed. He was weak. He was the additional weight which Glenn had to carry around after sparing his life. Remember Rick saying ‘The weak will drag you down’ during the opening minutes of the episode?

Glenn’s biggest flaw was that he could not adapt in a certain way to the new world order. His kindness won him fans, but it also lead to his death.

Episode 3 is not entirely about Glenn’s death. When the mission to draw the quarry zombies away from Alexandria goes south, there is absolute chaos. Even though Rick has managed to get out of every sticky situation possible, this one so far, seems to be too much even for rick to handle.

Glenn’s death in the series will be the hot topic of discussion for weeks to come. It might generate the response as Jon Snow’s death in The Game of Thrones.

But then again it could be that the Zombies are eating Nicholas when he falls off the dumpster after shooting himself in the head and falls over Glenn. The makers of the show are known to manipulate shots, so maybe Glenn is still alive (fingers crossed). watch walking dead season 6 episode 4 online free

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