The Walking Dead Mid – Season Finale – ‘Start to Finish’ Review

Start to Finish review

A lot is going on, but still nothing has happened

‘Star to Finish’  was the last of The Walking Dead episodes we have seen this year, it will back next year in February. Much was expected from this season, but the only thing that managed to raised sighs and groans was when we saw Glenn being eaten up by the Zombies (at least that is what we are made to believe).  As we have said earlier, the season was rather dry, compared to others.

To put things in perspective, an entire half of the season took place in a day. In that one day, thousands of walkers broke out of the quarry, the Wolves attacked Alexandria almost killing everyone, Daryl’s crossbow and motorcycle are stolen and Glenn is dead and undead.  Also, Alexandria has finally fallen to the unending waves of walkers. Sh*t just hit the fan!

The opening – The opening of the finale has to be one of the creepiest openings of the show. Sam is playing with his figs and colouring book when the camera slowly pans over to his window, which is covered with a line of ants and that line of ants lead to a half-eaten cookie.  Now how is that for an opening?

Save your lives – The Zombies are pouring into Alexandria and Rick is running for his life. On the other hand, Ron is certain to shoot Carl in the butt. It is not only Rick who is running for his life, even Morgan and Carol band together to hold the walkers at bay, despite the fact that they were at odds because Morgan held a Wolf captive. Maggie is also seen scramble up a ladder to reach out of the grasp of the walkers when the ladder collapses.

Remember in ‘Always Accountable’ when we hear someone saying ‘help’ on the walkie-talkie? Many thought that it was Glenn, but it was none other than Eugene. Just then Rosita and Tara grab him to make it to the relative safety of the garage.

Glenn is alive – Fans must have had a huge sigh of relief when they saw Glenn, and now he wasn’t turned into a walker, he was very much alive. Given the fact that it was portrayed as if he had died and fans were heartbroken, his return was very ordinary. We see him telling Enid that the only way people are lost is when they are afraid. He is later seen climbing a tree and that is all we see of Glenn.

Deanna is bitten – The matriarch of Alexandria is bitten, when she is trying to get out of the walker frenzy. It is nice to see how she deals with it. Instead of hiding it, like the rest, she resigns to her fate and is graceful about it.

At the end of the episode, we see Rick, Gabriel, Jessie, and Ron escape the house which is full of walkers by covering themselves in walker guts, that is when Sam arrives. When the group is moving out, Sam, screws up the whole situation by calling out to his mom – the episode ends.



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