Ranbanka Movie Review, Story: Aryeman Ramsay, Shakir Ali

Good story but fails in execution

Ranbanka is a story of a man troubled by the woes of a rough politician. A crook who wants to marry his wife, by the hook or crook. The story takes off with the family shifting  from Mumbai to Mathura. The writers have done a good job with the script but the story fails to amuse at any point of time. It is cheap slapstick comedy with an occasional uprising caused by some unkind words. This could have been done better.



The story is centered around the political goon trying to fulfill his perverted fantasies by marrying a girl who doesn’t want to marry him and a dude who doesn’t want his wife to do anything she doesn’t wish to. The age old classical struggle. What prevails, Love or power?

The movie has it’s moments, It is sometimes hilarious and has songs with words like biryani and nimbu pani in it.The acting is more or less lacklustre but the young writers who have written it’s crisp and succinct dialogue sure deserve some accolades.

A one time watch!

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