Dilwale review

Is bearing Rohit Shetty worth enjoying S.R.K and Kajol?

Seeing Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol together after so many years, the nostalgia of it, was enough to drive all the way to a blockbuster. This is however, a Rohit Shetty movie, so it makes sense for the car to blow midway.

Dilwale is so generic in nature that even the brilliant performances by the duo of Kajol and SRK fail to power this movie. It falls short on execution, is more about hate and revenge than affection. It continues the tirade that the Indian audience has started finding quite irritating recently

The film showcases the quest of two brothers for love, in a time period of 15 years. Things keep blowing up for no apparent reason. One liners are more interesting than the script put together as a whole. It is nothing new but the SRK and Kajol duo is charming and evergreen as ever. Varun Dhawan looks too nubile to be this serious about love while only a few gags work. Only due to the comic presence of Boman Irani. It is a classic Rohit Shetty movie. It feels like he keeps remaking Chennai express with new locales and stereotypes. The tried and tested pairing of SRK and Kajol draws a lot of curiosity however.

If you are a diehard SRK fan, this is one movie you shouldn’t miss.

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