Bajirao Mastani Review: A Visual Spectacle (Spoiler free)

It plunges you straight into the times of Bajirao!


Watching any Sanjay Leela Bhansali movie is an experience in itself. The crisp, succinct cinematography is reminiscent of austere beauty. The sets look authentic and stunning; the garbs of all characters resonate beautifully. (I did have trouble with why Deepika goes into battle without tying her hair) but maybe that is for the appeal. Ranveer Singh eloquently portrays ba jiao as a strongman who is torn between maintaining an empire and maintaining healthy relationships.

The story walks you through a rather sketchy and far-fetched version of actual history. You see one of the most uptight and authoritarian figures of all time dance amongst his men! The politics is somewhat underplayed in this movie, The emphasis, Like all good Hindi movies is on the love triangle and romance.

Ranveer Singh as the Peshwa is married to Kashi (Priyanka Chopra). Having the power to run empires easily bores you of your wife, Hence Bajirao ends up having a run in with Mastani. Who quickly wins him over  with her swashbuckling wit, boobs and undying love for him.

The story follows them as they fight battles, In and within. It all boils down into an epic finale where melodrama takes over and gives us all the “feel good” ending we can’t do without.

Ranveer Singh single-handedly carries the film with his acting, Deepika is too crazy and Priyanka is too lazy , but none of this will stop this film from being a hit

It is a visual spectacle of Sanjay Leela Bhansali proportions with a good storyline, If not entirely historically correct. This is one movie you most probably shouldn’t miss!

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