Movie Review – Main Aur Charles

A movie which can change the biopic scenario in India

Making a biopic on serial killers has always inspired iconic movies in Hollywood, however, the same cannot be said for Bollywood. There have been movies about serial killers in the past such as Dushman, Kaun, and Ek Villian however; all these are works of fiction. There are hardly any movies about real life Indian Serial Killers in Bollywood. Main Aur Charles is perhaps first of its kind in India.

Coming back to Mein Aur Charles, it is a fine attempt at deconstructing a person we have all heard about. The movie has been directed by Prawaal Raman, who has also directed Darna Mana Hai. Main Aur Charles is like a comeback film for him, as it seemed that he had lost his way with a disaster of a movie called ‘Darling’.

Main Aur Charles is a mix of fiction and non-fiction. The movie has shown a certain time period in the life of Charles Shobraj. The director has done a commendable job of recreating the 60s-70s era. The intrigue in the movie kicks in when a couple of bikini-clad bodies are washed up ashore a beach in Thailand. Charles Shobraj is an Indo-French man, who has the penchant of killing women. Charles used to charm his victims. He used to sleep with his victims and afterwards kill them by giving drugs.

To escape a death penalty in Thailand, Charles flees to India. Here again, he starts his modus-operandi and starts killing unsuspecting women. He is shown to be an excellent escape artist as he makes a monkey out of the police authorities each time they try to catch him. A law student (Richa Chadha) is also attracted towards him. The film ends with Charles Shobraj getting a celebrity status.

Randeep Hooda has done an excellent job of portraying the serial killer. His resemblance is uncanny and the accent has helped bring out Charles alive. Rest of the supporting cast has also done a splendid job, but Adil Hussain takes the cake.

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