Tips for proper car care

car care

car care

Essential tips on how to take care of your car

These days cars are not only a symbol of status, but over the years they have become a necessity. Gone are the days when only a handful of people had vehicles. These days every household has not just one car, but at least two cars. There are various factors according to which a person chooses his car. A car these days is a mix of comfort, ease and status symbol.  A lot of thought goes into purchasing of a car, hence it is equally important that the owner should take care of the car in a proper manner.  We can see many cars on the road that are dirty or something or the other is wrong with the them. This happens because the owners of the car do not take proper care of their vehicles.

Here we are going to give you different tips for car care

Go for the correct car: Although, this goes without saying, but there are a number of buyers out there who really do not know which car to buy and end up buying the one which they were not really sure about. Always choose a manufacturer which is known to bring out reliable and time-tested cars. Also before buying the car you should know where to buy the spare parts from and the fact that they should be easily available.

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions:  You might be a car expert, but no one knows car as-well-as the car manufacturer. So next time you plan to service your car, make sure that you follow the instructions that have been written down in the owner’s manual.

car care

Change the car fluids: The car is made up of many moving parts, and the things which make these parts move are the various car fluids. Hence, it is very important to keep changing these fluids after regular intervals.  Always keep a lookout for the engine oil. It needs to be changed after every 700kms. Transmission fluid should be changed after every two years.

Take it easy:  Quite often, we Indians tend to rev-up our vehicles more than what we should; this results in wear and tear of various parts of the vehicles. If you drive your vehicle gently, then the chances of wear and tear will be less, which will prolong the life of the vehicle. When you start the car in the morning, especially during the winter season, keep it switched on before you actually rev up the engine. This will lead to better life and performance of the engine.

Keep a check on those tyres: As far as the tires are concerned, always maintain the pressure which has been specified by the makers. A less tyre which has less pressure than the normal standards, it will be susceptible to more wear and tear. Well, maintained tyres help the engine of the car to be stress-free, which in turn will lead to a better car life.

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