Pole Dancing – A New Work Out

A New Way to Work Out

If someone does not know yet, pole dance is a physically tough and complicated kind of sport. Yes, yes, SPORT. It has been official recognised by Global Association of international Sport Federations (GAISF) in November 2017. This is getting Pole dance one-step closer to the Olympic Games.
For me personally, pole dance is a complete workout. I get bored of the usual gym routine; pole dance gives me strength and conditioning, by working with my own body weight. As dancer, I find a lot of fun and pleasure to learn and invent new choreography routines using the pole. Moreover, pole dance has a high demand of flexibility, so we stretch and bend and stretch again.
There are ultimate health benefits that you can gain by learning pole dance:
Helps burning calories

Pole dance is a high intensity all body workout – by working on new spins or positions you move all the time and do not even recognise how you burn many calories. It’s a great isometric and cardiovascular exercise combined in one. You will be surprised that you can lose a lot of weight in just a few months of regular exercises.
Body confidence
After some time of exercising, you will get more muscle strength and will actually feel more confident about your body. This kind of confidence comes not from inside, but from outside. After some time of hard work and dedication, you will see that your shapes start changing, your body posture strengthens and even your walk gets more of a cat grace.
Mobility, balance, coordination
As pole dancers we develop better joint mobility, stronger bones and connecting tissues, what is really important, especially for women later in time. When you start performing routines of a bigger complexion your coordination and balance will improve, that will be helpful even in your daily life.

Stress release
Physiological and emotional state improvement is one of the biggest benefits of pole dancing. We have a lot of stress in a daily life. Stress builds up more adrenaline in our body, so we get anxious, depressed or annoyed very easily. High intense pole dance workout will release extra adrenaline and will help to produce more endorphin, which is well known as a hormone of happiness. Good workout can make you happier, calmer and sleep better.


Roksolana Chubenko

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